Top 50 Health Care Pundits Worth Following on Twitter

It seems the only topic on people’s minds lately is health care, including Health 2.0, health care reform and headlines about new diseases and disease treatments for individuals of all ages. One way for citizens and health care professionals to stay on top of the news is to follow health care news correspondents, health publications and Health 2.0 advocates on Twitter. To that end, this list of top 50 health care pundits worth following includes individuals and news publications that focus on various health issues.

The following list is categorized, and each Twitter user is listed alphabetically by their Twitter user names within those categories. You can learn more about each Twitter user, including their Web sites, by going to their Twitter page (linked with their Twitter use names).

Edmund LoweHealth and Medical Correspondents

  1. @AHCJ_Pia: Pia Christensen provides health headlines and other news from the Association of Health Care Journalists.
  2. @bobfinn: Bob Finn is a medical and science journalist and the SF Bureau Chief for International Med News Group.
  3. @brucejapsen: Bruce Japsen is a health care reporter at the Chicago Tribune who is writing and explaining health coverage, drugs, stem cells, health plans, doctors, hospitals and Obama’s policies.
  4. @David_Dobbs: David Dobbs writes on science, medicine and culture for The Atlantic, NY Times Mag and other publications.
  5. @DrJAshton: Dr. Jennifer Ashton is the CBS medical correspondent.
  6. @DrLaPook: Dr. Jonathan LaPook is the CBS Evening News Medical Correspondent.
  7. @elizcohencnn: Elizabeth Cohen is an MPH and senior medical correspondent on CNN and author of “The Empowered Patient” column on
  8. @garyschwitzer: Gary Schwitzer is the publisher of out of Minneapolis-St. Paul.
  9. @ivanoransky: Ivan Oransky is executive editor for Reuters Health and a journalism adjunct at NYU. He also blogs at Embargo Watch.
  10. @janedreaper: Jane Dreaper is a BBC Health Correspondent who is interested in NHS, medical research and global health.
  11. @JeffreyYoung_HC: Jeffrey Young is a health care reporter for Bloomberg Government.
  12. @Juliedeardorff: Julie Deardorff writes about health and fitness for the Chicago Tribune. She’s interested in nutrition, children’s health, natural living and chemicals in the environment.
  13. @LizSzabo: Liz Szabo reports on medical news for USA TODAY, covering cancer, children’s health, kids/parenting and some environmental health.
  14. @matthewherper: Matthew Herper is a Forbes reporter covering science and medicine.
  15. @MiriamETucker: Miriam E. Tucker is a medical/public health journalist, a diabetes patient-expert and senior writer with Elsevier’s International Medical News Group.
  16. @nancyshute: Nancy Shute is a science and medical writer, blogger for US News & World Report and she teaches writing and digital media at Johns Hopkins.
  17. @paulinechen: Pauline Chen is a doctor, author of FINAL EXAM, New York Times online columnist with the column, “Doctor and Patient.”
  18. @reutersBenHir: Ben Hirschler is into pharma, biotech, health and is a science correspondent at Reuters.
  19. @RitaRubin: Rita Rubin writes about drug safety, the FDA, women’s health, to name a few medical topics, for USA TODAY.
  20. @scotthensley: Scott Hensley is the writer and editor for Shots, NPR’s health blog.
  21. TheKidsDoctor: Pediatrician/mom & journalist/mom, Sue Hubbard uses a Web site, column and CBS Radio show to advocate for pediatric health and well being.
  22. @TrishaTorrey: Trisha is a patient advocate, columnist, radio host, speaker, author of You Bet Your Life! and the Patient Empowerment Guide.
  23. @sanjayguptaCNN: Dr. Sanjay Gupta is a staff neurosurgeon at Emory Clinic and a CNN Chief Medical Correspondent.

Health MediaHealth Media

  1. @cbshealth: The latest in health news from
  2. @KHNews: Kaiser Health News is a nonprofit news service covering the policy and politics of health care.
  3. @LATimeshealth: Current health and medical news from the Los Angeles Times.
  4. @MedicalNews: Curator, editor & aggregator of the latest medical and healthcare news and information.
  5. @msnbc_health: Health, diet and nutrition news from
  6. @NPRHealth: Health coverage from the NPR Science Desk.
  7. @nytimeshealth: Health News from New York
  8. @Reuters_Health: Health news from all over the globe, with a concentration in the U.S.
  9. @USATODAYhealth: USA TODAY health, behavior, diet, fitness, parenting, aging, flu, cancer and other medical news from USA TODAY producer, Anne Godlasky.
  10. @WSJHealthBlog: The Wall Street Journal Health Blog offers news and analysis on health and the business of health.

Health Information TechnologyHealth 2.0 and HIT Advocates

  1. @ahier: Brian Ahier is passionate about Health IT, Healthcare Reform and Gov 2.0.
  2. @bart: Bart Collet is into Web 2.0 as it applies to health, including Opensource Healthcare, elderly care, mobile health (mHealth) and mroe.
  3. @Berci: Dr. Bertalan Mesko is the founder of, health 2.0 consultant, blogger; Second Life resident, Wikipedia administrator doing PhD in genetics.
  4. @boltyboy: Matthew Holt is a health care analyst, Health 2.0 convert and the original founder of The Health Care Blog.
  5. @Cascadia: Sherry Reynolds is an eHealth advocate and social venture broker, creating value in the space where participatory health care, collective intelligence and empowered consumers converge.
  6. @cwhogg: Chris Hogg is a Health 2.0 advocate, tech enthusiast, researcher/analyst of all things healthcare, commercial strategist for a large biotech company in the Bay Area.
  7. @DrWeil: Dr. Andrew Weil is the integrative medicine guru, focusing on natural health and wellbeing across the Web.
  8. @ePatientDave: Dave deBronkart is a patient-empowerment advocate, health data rights advocate and a blogger at and
  9. @healthythinker: Health economist, advisor, consumer health proponent, participatory health advocate and Health 2.0 evangelist.
  10. @jensmccabe: Jen S. McCabe is the CEO and Co-Founder of Contagion Health.
  11. @kevinmd: Dr. Kevin Pho is social media’s leading physician voice, providing provocative commentary on breaking health and medical news at his Web site,
  12. @LeeAsase: Lee Aaseis a chancellor, a member of Social Media University Global (SMUG), and he is the Mayo Clinic’s social media manager.
  13. @lesmorgan: Les Morgan is into healthcare policy and IT, with a special focus on end of life care. Founder, Growth House, Inc.
  14. @mindofandre: Public Health 2.0 advocate/strategist, highlighter of innovation, connector and lifelong learner. He likes to teach tech/new media for social good.
  15. @mkmackey: Kathy Mackey keeps tabs on medical fields and in health care and technology.
  16. @pfanderson: P. F. Anderson in a librarian who is into emerging technologies, eHealth, informatics and quilting and canning.
  17. @PhilBaumann: Phil Baumann is the founder of #RNchat (Registered Nurses on Twitter) and he blogs at
  18. @twitterbo: Bo is an Internet entrepreneur who is interested in health issues and the co-founder of
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