Top 50 Health and Wellness Blogs Worth Reading

If the statement that doctors are the third leading cause of death is true, then preventative medicine may be the solution to staying healthy. Health and wellness blogs are a rich resource for information on how to stay out of the clutches of doctors and hospitals — and also on how to negotiate them when you find it necessary to use them. If you are considering a career as a nurse practitioner, you will be interested in a wide range of health information. The list that follows is alphabetical within five categories of health and wellness topics.

The following list is categorized, and each link is listed alphabetically within those categories.

NutritionNutrition and Healthy Living Blogs

  1. $5 Dinners is run by Erin Chase, who is available to help families eat healthy on a tight budget. She offers recipes, links to coupons, and shopping guidance.
  2. A Healthy Kitchen has healthy recipes and inspirational messages for living a healthy life physically, mentally, and spiritually.
  3. Balanced Health and Nutrition is run by Rebecca Scritchfield and her staff of intern contributors. They offer food, nutrition and exercise information “with a dash of opinion.”
  4. Delicious Life is what Christy Goldfeder offers, with an “Anti-diet” of delicious foods for weight loss, stress relief and freedom from digestive troubles.
  5. Dietriffic offers healthy eating tips, exercise advice, healthy recipes, and weight loss tips. Melanie Thomassian will help you take charge of your life.
  6. Embrace Your Heart is Eliz Greene’s “Busy Women’s Guide” to eating better for less stress and a healthy heart.
  7. Nutrition for Empowered Women belongs to Alexandra Jamieson, author of The Great American Detox Diet. She blogs about holistic nutrition and healthy living.
  8. Protein Power features two blogs on nutrition by doctors Michael B. and Mary Dan Eades. Michael focuses on health while Mary Dan focuses on lifestyle.
  9. The Healthy Voyager has information, videos, podcasts, and articles that will help you live a “happier, healthier, and greener life.”
  10. The Nutrition Help Blog focuses on cutting through myths about nutrition and offering sound health information. Blogger Brad Pilon has written a book called Eat Stop Eat.

DietingWeight Loss and Diet Blogs

  1. 3 Fat Chicks on a Diet was started by three sisters, Suzanne, Jennifer, and Amy, who wanted to lose weight. Now the site provides weight loss support for over 70,000 registered members.
  2. A Weight Lifted is a blog about healthy weight loss for women who are tired of dieting.
  3. Diet Blog has forums, polls, and articles on topics related to diet and weight loss. You can write your own post, ask advice or share your story.
  4. Escape from Obesity is “a look into the secret life and inner thoughts of an obese mom.”
  5. Fat Man Unleashed proves that weight loss isn’t just for women. Here, a man offers his suggestions for weight loss and fitness.
  6. Fit-Bottomed Girls‘ motto is “keeping a lid on junk in the trunk.” Posts from the girls discuss weight-loss and fitness issues; the site has many other features.
  7. Maria’s Last Diet gives guidance about the psychological side of dieting.
  8. Starling Fitness offers daily writings on achieving goals in fitness, diet, weight loss, and health. A recent article suggests keeping your goals to yourself for better results.
  9. The Amazing Adventures of Dietgirl showcases Shauna Reid is a “Scotland-dwelling Aussie” who’s lost half of 330 pounds as she chronicles her adventures.
  10. The Office Diet provides tips on weight loss and fitness for people living a hectic lifestyle.

ExerciseFitness Blogs

  1. Ask the Trainer is help from a personal trainer named Mike, who provides all manner of tips on exercise, diet, and fitness.
  2. Cranky Fitness is Crabby McSlacker’s humor-driven site about fitness, health, nutrition, diet “and whining.”
  3. Fitness and Health with Dr. Gabe Mirkin news and tips for a healthy lifestyle from a sports medicine doctor, fitness guru, and radio host.
  4. Fitness Black Book advocates the “Hollywood” type of fit body-slim, athletic sexy rather than the “bodybuilder” type of fitness.
  5. Fitness Spotlight offers guidance to “get fit, be healthy, go live,” including weight loss suggestions.
  6. Get Fit Slowly is a blog by two men about how to get fit at a healthy pace.
  7. Mark’s Daily Apple, or “Primal Living in the Modern World,” is a blog for health, fitness, feeling and looking good.
  8. Theory to Practice has detailed articles on fitness topics.
  9. Trying Fitness is where Eartha posts on fitness topics from body-building to running to breathing to weightlifting.
  10. Workin’ on My Fitness provides Susan, who is not a professional, with a format for her passion about fitness.

DiabetesPhysical Health Blogs

  1. Asthma Mom has all kinds of information, articles, reviews about asthma and being an asthma sufferer.
  2. Beating Breast Cancer is the Camerons’ site: he, a family doctor; she, a nurse diagnosed with breast cancer in 2006. Their story.
  3. Califmom is the often humorous journey of a mom whose husband died of Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma and whose son has Asperger and Tourette Syndromes.
  4. Cancer Bitch is a feminist who has lost a breast to cancer, and she takes on the world.
  5. Diabetes Mine is a gold mine of information and straight talk about living with diabetes from someone diagnosed with Type I.
  6. Down the MS Path is about a single mom disabled with Multiple Sclerosis and her personal story.
  7. Dr. Len’s Cancer Blog is written by the Deputy Chief Medical Officer for the national office of the American Cancer Society; he offers articles and information.
  8. is filled with Health news and information about all types of medicine.
  9. The F-Word stands for fat, food, and/or feminism. This blog is all about avoiding and dealing with eating disorders.
  10. The Health Care Blog provides everything you always wanted to know about the health care system but were afraid to ask.

GriefMental Health Blogs

  1. A Splintered Mind is where Douglas Cootey talks about becoming an author with ADHD, depression and a motor tic disorder (“Yeehaw!’).
  2. Bipolar Beat is written by psychiatrist Candida Fink and freelance author Joe Kraynak. They write about a number of bipolar-related topics.
  3. Coping with Life brings Tom Davis and guest bloggers together to write about how life affects mental health, focusing on different mental disorders at different times.
  4. I See Invisible People is written by a woman diagnosed with bipolar. She takes on the world with insight and humor, setting weight loss goals and discussing sociopolitical aspects of mental illness.
  5. If You’re Going Through Hell Keep Going is where blogger Susan writes about her struggle with Bipolar I. Posts include videos of mental hospitals.
  6. Postpartum Progress is a blog about mental illnesses related to childbirth. It was founded in 2004 by Katherine Stone.
  7. Storied Mind is a blog of stories of recovery from depression and other information.
  8. Svasti: A Journey From Assault To Wholeness is where an Australian woman unravels the “mess created in my life by a single incident of violent physical assault on the 29th September 2005.”
  9. The Pursuit of Happiness is one man’s battle against depression.
  10. Una Vita Bella is a blog focused on “living a beautiful life with chronic illness and mental health issues.”
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