Top 50 Blogs Every Personal Trainer Should Read

Personal trainers (PTs) take on a lot of responsibility for their patients or clients, as they offer advice on how to get fit and healthy without injury or without exacerbating current injuries. The following top 50 blogs every personal trainer should read include blogs for PTs or other health professionals, commercial blogs with tools and tips, business and marketing strategies and sports medicine blogs. All blogs are up-to-date and offer sage advice from professionals in the field.

Physical TherapySpecifically for Personal Trainers

  1. Adelaide Personal Training Blog: Personal training tips from a registered fitness professional in Adelaide, Australia.
  2. Advice for Personal Trainers: This blog offers a business course as well as marketing and personal training advice.
  3. Elsbeth Vaino’s Blog: Get training and nutrition advice for your own healthy living and sports performance.
  4. NCSF Personal Trainer Blog: This blog is a professional media outlet that addresses current topics and issues facing the personal training profession.
  5. Personal Trainer Development Center Blog: PTDC provides personal trainers with the essential tools beyond the exercise realm needed to make personal training a lucrative and happy career.
  6. Personal Trainer Success Academy: Tap into a variety of blogs by and for personal trainers at this site.
  7. S.P.A.R.T.A. Blog: This is the Sports Performance and Resistance Training Association blog for personal trainers.
  8. Sports Training Blog: Sports professionals writing about their experiences, tips and advice on training and competing in high performance sport.
  9. Wellness WORD Health And Fitness Tips: This blog is designed as a watchdog for health, fitness and bodybuilding workout results.

Caring for Burned SoldiersCommercial Blogs and Business Tools

  1. 8C Benz: This company helps other companies educate their people about important (and complicated) topics like health care and retirement.
  2. HealthFit Sherpa: Your HealthFitSherpa program posts a fresh and frequent flow of engaging and educational content out to your customers and prospects.
  3. Make Sport Fun: This company is obsessed with fitness marketing, sports marketing and activity marketing.
  4. My PT Profile: Myptprofile lets you to enter all your important data into a secure online platform — anywhere, anytime.
  5. Powering Through: William Wayland lectures on sports science, dabbles in strength and conditioning coaching and is an avid and active sports fiend.
  6. PT Business In A Box: PT Business In A Box is a Web site that provides down-to-earth information for personal trainers looking to start, build and ENJOY their own business.
  7. PT Wall Blog: This blog is part of a national directory of independent personal trainers, tools for personal trainers and the ability to market personal training services.
  8. The Trackster: The Trackster keeps the communication between the trainer and client ongoing and consistent, without being overbearing and time consuming.
  9. Thrasher Fitness Marketing: This company refines brands and creates custom marketing solutions and online communities for fitness professionals, businesses and fitness products.
  10. Training Peaks: This blog is all about passion for athletic achievement and creating something new with existing technology.
  11. Turbulence Training: Craig Ballantyne is a workout routine and fat loss expert, and writes workout routines for Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness, Muscle and Fitness Hers, and Oxygen magazines.

Massage TherapyBusiness Strategies

  1. 7-Figure Sam’s Super-Trainer: Kaiser Serajuddin, the editor of, also handles the worlds’ premier Online Fitness Business Magazine.
  2. Athletic Business: This is a learning resource for athletic, fitness and recreation professionals.
  3. Behind the Scenes: Club Industry, the online source for fitness business professionals, offers a blog that keeps users up to date on current activities and business news.
  4. Fitness, Business, Fitness Business, & Achieving Life Goals: Mark Nutting offers blog entries, videos and more for trainers who want to offer only the very best training.
  5. Fitness Marketing Muscle: Sean Greeley’s biggest asset is his ability to systematize and then maximize almost every business essential from sales to management and more.
  6. Kick Back Life: The purpose of this site is to act as a free resource and launching pad to help personal trainers help others create a more satisfying and healthier life.
  7. My Business is Fitness: Ben works as the social media manager of one of Australia’s largest and most dynamic fitness companies, and has been in the fitness industry for over 13 years.
  8. Personal Trainer Tools: Fitness pros may find some world-class career training through this blog.
  9. Personal Training & Fitness Business Tools: A simple and easy-to-read blog that contains tips on how to help your personal training business thrive.
  10. Personal Training Business: This blog is part of a business that can help you obtain better clients, make more money and build a successful career.
  11. PT Business Success: This blog is aimed at fitness professionals interested in improving their business to make more money in less time.
  12. Super-Trainer: This is an online fitness business magazine geared toward fitness enthusiasts who want to open a fitness business.

Back StretchMarketing Strategies

  1. Active Voice Fitness Writing & Marketing: A blog about fitness writing, marketing and publicity from Amanda Vogel, owner of Active Voice Writing Service for fitness professionals.
  2. Fitness 360: The F360 team has been influencing the health and fitness industry with their “out of the box” thinking since 1989.
  3. Fitness Marketing Blog: The Premier Fitness Marketing team is pleased to offer health club marketing tips, gym promotions advice, and news regarding their latest campaigns.
  4. Fitness Marketing Group: The mission of Fitness Marketing Group is to help your fitness business become and remain profitable through one of two programs designed for independent, franchised, and licensed health clubs across the world.
  5. Fitness Marketing Made Simple: Follow Dax Moy’s advice on client attraction, business success and to create the ultimate lifestyle for fitness trainers.
  6. Fitness Marketing SOS: This blog contains links to “One Minute Marketing Tips,” “Marketing Strategies,” online strategies and social media tips.
  7. Laura Dalch: Laura is a health/nutrition counselor, but she also is a marketing consultant and strategist for wellness professionals.
  8. PT Power: Tap into unconventional and out-of-the-box ideas, systems and strategies for maximum fitness marketing profits.
  9. Steve Hochman’s Bootcamp Marketing Blog: This personal trainer went from being a Pizza delivery dude with A.D.D. to owning his own personal training studio and pulling in 43k per month within two years.
  10. Trainer Of Trainers: Get free marketing tips on how to grow your business, be remarkable and live your dream lifestyle.

Broken NoseSports Medicine

  1. Fitness & Health with Dr. Gabe Mirkin: News and tips for a healthful lifestyle from Gabe Mirkin, MD, and his wife, nutritionist Diana Mirkin.
  2. Howard J. Luks, MD: The “musings” of a patient-centric orthopedist using social media and healthcare to speak out about injury care and prevention.
  3. Mike Reinold: This blog about rehab, sports medicine and performance is for physical therapists, occupational therapists, athletic trainers, strength and conditioning specialists, or other orthopedic, rehabilitation, or sports medicine specialists.
  4. Movement Science Blog and Podcast: This blog and podcast were designed specifically for rehabilitation and exercise professionals.
  5. Physical Therapy Exercises: Gary Gray is an eight-year stroke survivor who shares his journey back to recovering as many abilities as possible.
  6. Sports Injury Clinic: This clinic maintains a blog that talks about a variety of sports and training injuries.
  7. Sports Injury Info: Don’t sit on the sidelines — learn how to keep yourself and your clients safe with preventive procedures.
  8. Suite 101 Sports Medicine: Articles in this blog include current events and trends in the field of sports medicine along with presenting information on epidemiological studies within specific sports.
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