Top 30 Sites to Learn About Oncology Careers

There are a number of nursing career paths that you can choose. Many nurse practitioners and other nurses decide to choose a specialty, acquiring skills that can aid them in particular areas of medicine. Some nurses become quite skilled in specific areas, providing a high level of treatment to their patients. One of the areas of specialty that a nurse can excel in is oncology.

As a nurse, or a nurse practitioner, you can choose to specialize in cancer treatment. Oncology careers require very special skills, since you will need to be able to help the families of patients — as well as the patients themselves. If you have a great deal of compassion, and if you are interested in learning specific techniques associated with treating cancer, you might want to consider a career in oncology. Here are 30 great sites that can help you learn more about oncology career paths:

Medical, Health Care and Nursing Career Sites

Many web sites that have information on different careers in health related fields also address oncology. You look to these more general sites to help you gain insight into nursing specialties, as well as other careers related to oncology.

  1. Health Careers: This area focuses on health care careers. If you have questions about specialty nursing, as well as other career choices related to oncology, this is a good place to start.
  2. Explore Health Careers: Use this site as a starting point for learning about different health career choices. You can learn about more than just oncology nursing; you can also learn about becoming an oncology radiologist, or a lab tech.
  3. Healthcare Career Resource Center: Get a good idea of different careers offered to those interested in different areas of health care. Learn more about your options, including specialties in oncology and other areas.
  4. Registered Nurses: This great overview of nursing from the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics offers some solid information — including information on nursing specialties. A great general overview of nursing.
  5. Discover Nursing: Learn about different nursing opportunities, including oncology specialty nursing. A great place to start if you want to know what nursing has to offer you in terms of a rewarding career.
  6. This web site offers lots of different information on nursing careers. You can read great profiles on different nursing specialties, including cancer treatment nursing.
  7. Health Career Center: You can find good information on different health care jobs, many of which are related to oncology. From specialty nursing to lab technician careers, it is possible to be involved in cancer treatment. Learn about salary, read career profiles, and more.
  8. Health Career Web: You can visit this site to find jobs, as well as read articles about different opportunities. Get ready for your oncology career with help from this web site.
  9. Medical Wiki: This site can help you find career information related to cancer treatment. A number of career posts and articles on all subjects medical field can help you learn more about an oncology career.
  10. Medical Insider Review: Learn more about what it takes to have a successful career in a number of health fields, including oncology. Learn about radiology, nursing and more. A good place to start.

Clinics, Charities and Professional Organizations

Go online, and you will find plenty of web sites devoted to cancer treatment. You can learn more about oncology careers from the many web sites of clinics, cancer related charities and professional organizations.

  1. Oncology Nursing Society: If you are interested in getting the scoop on oncology nursing from other nurses, this can be a great resource. Keep up with the world of cancer treatment, and learn about how to be the best nurse you can be.
  2. American Nurses Association: Provides information on different nursing specialties, and is a great resource for finding out more about oncology careers.
  3. Susan G. Komen for the Cure: If you are looking for information on careers related to volunteering and non-profit organizations, this cancer charity can be a great place to start.
  4. OncoLink: The Abramson Cancer Center of the University of Pennsylvania provides information on nursing, oncology, careers and more.
  5. American College of Radiology: If your interests are in radiology, you might want to check out this professional organization, which can provide insight into cancer treatment careers.
  6. American Society of Clinical Oncology: A great resource for career information and more related to cancer treatment.
  7. Mayo Clinic: Find out more about an oncology career through this prestigious clinic. A great resource that can help you learn more about your chosen career.
  8. Cleveland Clinic: This renowned clinic’s web site offers a look into careers related to cancer. Check this site to learn more about the latest breakthroughs and career opportunities.
  9. American Cancer Society: This prominent organization related to cancer and cancer treatment has information about careers, and can give you an idea of what it’s like to be involved on a non-profit level.
  10. LIVESTRONG Blog: Keep up with news and information related to cancer, cancer treatment, and careers related to oncology.
  11. American Society for Investigative Pathology: Learn more about different careers in lab pathology, including those careers related to cancer treatment.

Cancer Blogs

Browse these oncology blogs written by professionals in the field, and survivors. You can learn about their work, as well as get valuable career information about what to expect as you pursue a career in cancer treatment.

  1. Cancer and Careers: If you are involved in an oncology career, or want to learn more about such careers, you can read this great blog.
  2. CancerWise: A cancer blog written by a doctor. Get a good idea of careers related to cancer, and the day to day of cancer treatment.
  3. Our Cancer: From Johns Hopkins, this blog offers insight into cancer and careers.
  4. Oncology and Hematology: This journal and blog takes a look at careers and information related to cancer treatment and the latest breakthroughs. Includes links to career training and more.
  5. ONCRN: This oncology nurse offers insights into the challenges of a career in nursing and caring for cancer patients.
  6. Dr. Len’s Cancer Blog: This doctors offers information about cancer, as well as cancer careers. A great blog about cancer, and the day-to-day information related to treatment.
  7. Breast Cancer Blog: Find out more about cancer and cancer treatment from this survivor. A great resource to help you learn more about oncology.
  8. The Cancer Journey: Great oncology career resource for almost any health care professional, written from a survivor and professional standpoint.
  9. On Touching and Saving Lives!: This cancer nurse shares insight on a career in nursing.
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