Top 100 Sites for Healthy Living

Healthy living has become a hot topic in our country, with over 35.7% of U.S adults being obese, according to the Center for Disease control and prevention. At Nurse Practitioner, we’ve developed a tool for professionals, students, and healthy living enthusiasts, to stay current on the latest trends in fitness, well-being, and nutrition. The list, which names 100 of the top healthy living websites, is in random order and uses independent research, considering factors such as post update frequency, content quality, and peer nominations.

Using the navigation above, find your favorite sites in the areas of well-being, fitness, nutrition, and running.


  1. Fitville

    Blogger Lee began this site as she approached her 50th birthday in order to commit to feeling healthy and strong by her birthday.

  2. Bodhi Bear

    Meet Kia, a green lifestyle yogini that believes in personal responsibility and maximizing your joy.

  3. Embrace Your Heart

    Embrace Your Heart works with busy people to improve heart health, so they can work well, feel better, and stress less.

  4. Well + Good nyc

    Well+Good was created to answer all the questions Alexia Brue’s and Melissa Gelula’s friends, friends of friends, and perfect strangers wanted to know about health, beauty, fitness, and well-being.

  5. The Self Improvement Blog

    This blog helps you find the tools you need to achieve your self-improvement goals and begin to experience a happier, healthier lifestyle.

  6. Stupid Cancer Blog

    Founded by and for young adults affected by cancer, I2Y Cancer Foundation is the nation’s largest support community for the next generation of patients, survivors and caregivers between 15-40.

  7. Just Roni

    On its third name, this blog started as Weight Watchen, became Roni’s Weigh and now it’s Just Roni, where blogger Veronica Noone shares inspiring healthy living tips.

  8. Whole Health Source, Ancestral Nutrition and Health

    Stephan Guyenet researches causes of obesity and the regulation of body fat by the brain.

  9. Bumfuzzled Jane

    Bumfuzzled Jane is a blog that was created in the hopes that the information provided brings clarity to healthy eating, healthy living, and everything in between.

  10. Lauren’s Blog

    Lauren’s Blog is all about sharing tips and advice on smart training, eating, and living with real stories of inspiration along the way.

  11. dailySpark

    dailySpark is a blog that offers tips and motivational stories on fitness, nutrition and health news every day.

  12. Rebecca Thinks…

    Rebecca Thinks… is a blog all about providing tips on staying healthy and happy while also discussing the correlation of behavioral issues and food.

  13. Taking It On

    Taking It On is blog that features all types of topics and stories regarding fitness, family, and life.

  14. If I Can’t Convince You–I’ll at Least Confuse You

    Royal Pitatoias is a blog that features one mother’s experiences in marathons and all the things that happen in between her love of running and her family.

  15. Two Motivate

    Two Motivate is a blog created by a mother of two who happens to love to run, bike, swim, or do anything outdoors, and she shares and features all her experiences.

  16. It’s Just One Foot In Front of the Other

    It’s Just One Foot In Front of the Other is a blog that recaps one mother’s experiences and stories of running and her life.

  17. Dr. Sara Gottfried, Get Vitalized Naturally

    Dr. Sara Gottfried features all types of information and topics regarding the health of women on her site.

  18. Medicine Hunter

    Medicine Hunter is a site that provides alternative remedies and ways to live a healthier lifestyle.

  19. In The Pipeline

    In the Pipeline is a site dedicated to the drug and pharmaceutical industry and how it relates to mental health.

  20. Daily Cup of Yoga

    Daily Cup of Yoga is a blog that provides informative, enlightening content and resources for yogis and yoginis in their study and practice of the fine arts of yoga and simple living.

  21. A Merry Life

    A Merry Life is a blog about on woman’s journey in losing 50 pounds, falling in love with being active, and learning how to cook healthy food, all in the pursuit of being healthy and happy.

  22. The Happiness Project

    The Happiness Project is a blog about the author’s experiments in the practice of everyday life.

  23. Angie’s Appetite

    Angie’s Appetite is a blog about one registered dietician’s passion for food and wellness.

  24. The Sassy Pear

    The Sassy Pear is a blog about managing weight loss and working out, but also about family, running, emotional eating, and other random topics.

  25. Live Lighter

    Live Lighter is a blog that provides holistic health tips and topics for those who recognize the benefits of health and want the freedom that comes from achieving total life balance.


  1. JCD Fitness

    At JCD Fitness, founder JC Deen writes about fitness, what he’s learned, and his personal experiences with various diets and training routines.

  2. Cranky Fitness

    Blog topics at Cranky Fitness include general health, fitness, nutrition, personal development, disease prevention, aging, and anything else that strike the author’s fancy.

  3. Crude Fitness

    An on-going informational resource by Clint from Sydney, Australia that aims to continually debunk some of the fitness myths that are currently circulating.

  4. Starling Fitness

    Starling Fitness posts daily about fitness, diet, exercise programs and gadgets, and health.

  5. Isaac Wilkins Beyond the Barbell

    Blogger Isaac Wilkin’s site is about getting strong in the gym, on the playing field, and in your mind.

  6. Trainer Kim

    Trainer Kim blogs about her journeys with cross-fit, paleo eating, hiking, and other healthy topics.

  7. Peak 313 Fitness

    Peak 313 Fitness is a blog dedicated to inspiring and encouraging people to live life, love themselves, and remain healthy, along with various fitness and workout tips.

  8. Nerd Fitness

    Nerd Fitness is a site dedicated to inspiring people to make positive changes and help educate you on how to work out properly, cook a decent meal, and consistently improve your health and well-being.

  9. Author Jim Lynch

    After a series of devastating personal and professional low points, Jim Lynch found strength in running that he writes about on his website and upcoming book .

  10. Sheryl

    Sheryl Yvette describes her blog as a neurotic glamour girl’s Weight Watchers experience and fitness adventures.

  11. The Fitness Black Book: Advanced Tips Your Personal Trainer Doesn’t Know About

    This site outlines Rusty Moore’s training on how to get the lean “Hollywood” body.

  12. Zen to Fitness

    Zen to Fitness is an online magazine that provides free weekly articles on health and fitness that can be read in under 5 minutes.

  13. Diesel Strength

    Jim Smith, a highly respected, world renowned strength & conditioning coach blogs here.

  14. Kabuki Warrior

    Kabuki Warrior is a blog created in hopes to provide inspiration or motivation for people to chase their dreams despite adversity.

  15. What’s Beyond Heavy

    Follow Dana McMahan on her journey from a food writer to competitive power lifter — and after an injury took her out of powerlifting, the journey to find her next sport.

  16. Performance and Health on a Whole New Level

    Performance and Health on a Whole New Level is a site that focuses on providing all types of health and fitness tips for men and athletic individuals.

  17. Alwyn Cosgrove

    Renowned fitness trainer, Alwyn Cosgrove shares his experience as a leading fitness trainer.

  18. is a site dedicated to providing a content rich resource designed to assist you in the pursuit of your own unique goals.

  19. Baby Weight My Fat Ass

    Baby Weight My Fat Ass is a blog created and maintained by a mother who shares her struggles of weight loss after pregnancy.

  20. Irie Fit Girl’s Irie Life

    Irie Fit Girl’s Irie Life is a blog about a woman’s journey with nutrition and fitness.

  21. Spinning It All

    Spinning It All is a blog all about food, fitness, and fun.

  22. Pudget

    Pudget is a blog dedicated to providing tips and advice on how to lose weight on a budget.

  23. Balls in the Air

    Balls in the Air is a blog about one woman’s journey of life and she shares how she is able to juggle it all while remaining happy and healthy.

  24. A Hippo with a Headband

    A Hippo with a Headband is a blog created by a woman who shares her journey of weight loss and accounts for all the trials, tribulations, and success.

  25. Kim Griffin’s Blog

    The Fitness Moms is a blog created by a mother who likes to share her experiences about fitness and life.

  26. The Fit Stop

    The Fit Stop is a blog all about sharing tips and advice on fitness.

  27. Fit Buff

    Fit Buff is a blog about one man’s journey and struggles to build muscle and gain weight.

  28. Steve In A Speedo?! Gross!

    I Wanna Get Physical is a blog about the stories, training, and good times shared by an Ironman Triathlete.

  29. The Fitnessista

    The Fitnessista is a blog focused on providing tips and advice regarding food, fashion, fitness, fun, friends, and family.

  30. Renegade Strength and Conditioning

    Renegade Strength and Conditioning is a site dedicated to empowering you with the knowledge to transform your body and change your life.

  31. John is Fit

    John is Fit is a blog about one man’s journey of transforming from fat to fit.


  1. Peanut Butter Fingers

    Blog founder and site editor, Julie, began the site in 2009, to share healthy food and fitness tips.

  2. Maria’s Last Diet

    Maria’s Last applies psychological principles, research and clinical practice, to overcome the three main challenges women face when it comes to dieting—starting it, sticking to it, and maintaining it.

  3. An Apple a Day

    This blog guides busy families through the world of nutrition.

  4. Circle of Food

    A food lovers healthy lifestyle blog that specializes in food recall safety information, healthy recipes, diets, and healthy lifestyle tips.

  5. Green Lite Bites

    Green Lite Bites follows Roni, a mother of two and wife to a picky husband through her healthy eating adventures.

  6. Livin’ La Vida Lo-Carb

    Former morbidly obese 410-pound Jimmy Moore, takes us through his weight loss journey by cutting carbs out of his diet.

  7. Healthy and Happy Hour

    Katie Hamm, a registered dietician promises her site to be a sanctuary if you’re dedicated to personal wellness and professional success.

  8. The Behavioral Nutrition Expert

    Maya Nahra, the behavioral nutrition expert, is shifting the diet mindset for extraordinary living on her blog.

  9. Nourish and Flourish

    Sara is passionate about food, fitness, compassionate living, and maintaining a healthy and fun lifestyle.

  10. Robb Wolf Revolutionary Solutions to Modern Life

    New York Times Best Selling author of The Paleo Solution – The Original Human Diet, Robb Wolf has transformed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people around the world through his popular iTunes podcast, book, and seminars.

  11. Eat Simply

    Eat Simply is a nutrition education and communications company that helps people achieve optimal health with a mission to be the go-to source for evidence-based, uncomplicated nutrition information.

  12. Skinny Chef

    Skinny Chef gives you the solutions you need to enjoy delicious meals, increase your energy, maintain a healthy lifestyle, and keep your weight in check.

  13. Nutrition Success

    An avid marathon runner, Jackie Dikos shares her nutrition, running, and healthy lifestyle tips here on her blog.

  14. The Whole Life Nutrition Kitchen

    Nourishing Meals is a blog that offers the latest information on gluten sensitivity and celiac disease along with healthy gluten-free recipes using whole foods.

  15. A Sprinkle of Sage

    A Sprinkle of Sage is a blog that provides tips and topics on issues of nutrition, health and pregnancy.

  16. Fit Bottomed Girls

    Launched in May 2008, Fit Bottomed Girls features various weekday posts with new fitness content for real people interested in increasing their health through physical activity and sensible eating.

  17. Let Them Eat Meat

    Let Them Eat Meat is a blog on veganism by ex-vegan, Rhys Southan.

  18. Mark’s Daily Apple

    Mark’s Daily Apple is for people who want to lose weight, gain muscle, increase energy levels, reduce stress or just generally look and feel healthier.

  19. Realfood University

    Scott Kustes built his site to help us cook and eat better food, showing us tips and tricks to turn out quick, delicious, and healthy meals with real food, not packaged.

  20. Diet Blog

    Diet Blog focuses on the best of diet news and advice while also combining it with real-world application and opinion.

  21. I Ate A Pie

    I Ate A Pie offers over 800 reviews on food that is marketed as healthy and diet friendly options.

  22. Family Fitness Food

    Family Fitness Food is a blog all about family and fitness while featuring topics and issues regarding the struggles of maintaining weight loss.

  23. Eating Bird Food

    Eating Bird Food is a blog centered around providing healthy recipes and healthier eating habits.

  24. Oh She Glows

    Oh She Glows is a blog that provides healthy vegan recipes, photography, and motivational musings on body-image, career happiness, and self-love.

  25. Healthy Food For Living

    Healthy Food For Living is a blog that provides healthy tips and recipes on living and eating healthier.

  26. Carrots ’n’ Cake

    Carrots ‘n’ Cake is a blog dedicated to sharing tips, recipes and advice on fitness, food, life and the home.

  27. Kath Eats Real Food

    Kath Eats Real Food is a blog focused on providing recipes and tips on how to eat healthy without all the preservatives and processed ingredients.

  28. Peas and Thank You

    Peas and Thank You was created by a mother who originally wanted to find healthier ways to lose her pregnancy weight, but she found her passion for food and wanted to create a blog that provided healthy recipes without taking the comfort out of food.

  29. Edible Perspective

    Edible Perspective is a blog where the author shares her food and photography creations.

  30. Diary of a Nutritionist

    Diary of a Nutritionist is not a blog about dieting, but rather a blog about eating for superior health and making it a lifestyle.

  31. Bridget Krutzik, Holistic Nutrition Consultant

    Bridget Krutzik’s blog provides nutritional wisdom and advanced energy healing that supports people in all ways – physically, mentally, and spiritually.

  32. Weelicious

    Weelicious is a blog that provides fast, easy and fresh baby and toddler food ideas and recipes for the entire family.

  33. Steamy Kitchen

    Steamy Kitchen is a blog that provides fast, fresh and easy recipes for the home cook.

  34. Eat. Love. Live. Thrive.

    Eat. Love. Live. Thrive. is a blog about empowering people to live a healthy lifestyle full of fruits, veggies, and whole grains, sweaty workouts, the occasional “chocolate fix,” sleep, family and friend time, and quality “me time” with a focus on health.

  35. Delicious Knowledge

    Delicious Knowledge is a blog that provides you with personalized nutrition and exercise plans.


  1. Shut Up + Run

    Beth went from zero to 26.2 miles and is operates by the mantra “don’t let fear hold you down.”

  2. Read.Write.Run.Mom

    This blog follows a mom seeking balance and running for sanity.

  3. Swim.Bike.Run.Coach

    Jennifer Harrison is a triathlete and triathlon coach who blogs about her experience, and provides tips for athletes.

  4. iRunner Blog

    The iRunner blog covers training programs, races and a variety of articles related to health, training, and running.

  5. Run Eat Repeat

    Run Eat Repeat follows Monica as she uses running and healthy eating to stop dieting and lose weight.

  6. Black Girls Run!

    Black Girls Run! was created to help the growing obesity epidemic in the African-American community and provide inspiration and resources to both new and veteran runners.

  7. Run Faster Mommy

    Run Faster Mommy is a blog that features fitness stories and adventures of a mother on the run.

  8. Mom Swim Bike Run

    Mom Swim Bike Run is a blog dedicated to telling the stories of one mother’s adventures in swimming, biking, and running.

  9. Run With Jess

    Run With Jess is a blog created by a born again runner who shares her experiences and adventures one mile at a time.