40 Best Sites for Fitness Tips

One of the essential roles of a nurse practitioner is to share information with patients about better health habits. You want your patients to thrive and enjoy good health. As you take care of injuries and treat disease, you can also serve an important educational role that can help others.

You can use the Internet as a great resource for learning more about getting healthy, including learning more about fitness. You can also direct your patients to good web resources. As you do your best to fulfill your duties as a NP, you can get help from these 40 great sites for fitness tips:

General Exercise and Fitness Tips

These web sites are great for providing general exercise and fitness tips. You can find simple solutions to different problems, and help your patients make better decisions when it comes to physical exercise.

  1. Fitness.com: Get awesome tips, and find good exercises. Great for developing a good fitness routine.
  2. WomenFitness.com: A great web site aimed at providing women with fitness tips. Find program tips, and exercise direction as well.
  3. WebMD Health and Fitness: Get great fitness tips that can contribute to your general health. A helpful — and healthful — resource.
  4. Men’s Fitness: A great resource aimed at helping men improve their fitness levels. A great place to go if you are interested in improving your fitness as a man.
  5. Fitness Basics from Mayo Clinic: Get the best fitness tips and basic information from the respected Mayo Clinic.
  6. FitnessZone: Get tips, and good information on a number of fitness topics. Very helpful and practical.
  7. ExRx: Offers fitness tips and information related to targeting different areas of the body, and muscle groups.
  8. FitWatch: You can get great fitness and health tips. Additionally, you can track your own fitness level.
  9. Fitness Partner: You can use the tips on this web site to create your own fitness plan. Get in shape and live a healthier life.

Weight Loss Tips

In some cases, fitness includes losing weight. When you are overweight, you can’t be at your best physical condition. Weight loss tips — health weight loss tips — can increase someone’s fitness.

  1. SparkPeople: Get plenty of fitness and weight loss tips, while enjoying the support of an entire community. A great resource that even provides tips for creating your own weight loss and fitness plan.
  2. FitDay: A fitness journal that includes tips, as well as help reaching your fitness and weight loss goals.
  3. Prevention: You can get great exercise tips, as well as weight loss tips and other tips for living a life that is generally healthier.
  4. Fitness Tips for Life: This is a site that offers information on fat loss and other weight loss tips.
  5. Weight Loss Tips: Great information on weight loss and healthy living.
  6. 101 Weight Loss: Tips on exercise, nutrition and more related to losing weight.
  7. Whole Fitness: Some great fitness tips, including weight loss tips, and even mind fitness tips. Plenty to choose from to help you get in shape.

Marathon and Triathlon Training Tips

If you are into being fit by running, especially distance running, these web sites can be quite helpful. You can get good tips for running in marathons and triathlons, along with great training tips, by visiting the following web sites.

  1. Runner’s World: Offers plenty of tips for those involved in running. A great site for all things running, and great marathon training tips.
  2. MarathonGuide.com: The name of the site says it all. Learn tips for training in general, and how to get fit for specific marathons. A great resource.
  3. Marathon Training Schedule: Great tips, step by step plans, and plenty of help to get you physically fit and ready for a marathon.
  4. MarathonRookie.com: This web site is a great site for beginning marathoners. You can get some good tips on marathon and half marathons.
  5. BeginnerTriathlete.com: Get solid tips for getting into shape for triathlons. Aimed at beginners, but the tips can be used by anyone of any level.
  6. Triathlon Training Tips: Fitness Depot offers some great advice for those who are training for a triathlon.
  7. Ironman Triathlon Tips: You have to be at the peak of fitness in order to complete an Ironman triathlon. Here are some good tips to help you train right.
  8. Hulaman.com: It’s a silly web site name, but it contains great tips for those who want to reach triathlon fitness levels.

Strength Building and Weight Training Tips

When weight lifting and strength training are part of your fitness routine, it can help to have some good tips. Here are a few web sites that can help out.

  1. Let’s Talk Muscle: This site can help you learn about building muscle, and strength. Great tips and exercises that can help you.
  2. IDEA: This fitness library has a number of great fitness tips, including strength training tips and exercises.
  3. Weight Training: You can get great ideas for weight training with these helpful tips and exercises from an About.com expert.
  4. Bodybuilding.com: Weight lifting tips, helps and strategies. Learn how to build your body and put on muscle.
  5. Strength Training Tips: FitSugar has some great tips and advice related to strength training. Follow these tips and become more fit.
  6. Strength Conditioning: Condition your body for strength. Plenty of good fitness tips for those interested in strength training.
  7. Resistance Training: Find out more about building muscle as part of your fitness routine from Exercise Tips.
  8. Mahler’s Aggressive Strength: Tips for using kettle bells as part of your strength training fitness routine.

Yoga Tips

Many people enjoy yoga as a form of fitness. If you want help with your yoga practice, or want to point patients in the right direction, these yoga web sites can help,¬†and I’ve included a few Pilates tips sites as well — even though they are different exercises.

  1. Yoga 4 Beginners: You can learn more about yoga, and get tips for more effective practice and fitness, from this site.
  2. Yoga Tips: You can get some great tips on yoga and fitness from LifeTips.
  3. Yoga Tips Library: The title pretty much says it all. You can get some great yoga tips, and plenty of other fitness tips, from this site.
  4. Yoga: Get started practicing yoga for physical and spiritual fitness with help from an About.com expert.
  5. HealthYoga: Find some great tips on incorporating yoga into your fitness routine for better health.
  6. Yoga and Pilates Tips: Get help, whether you are practice yoga or Pilates (or both). Great tips for practical fitness.
  7. Pilates: Beginners can get some great tips from this site. Additionally, you can find tips for advanced Pilates exercisers.
  8. Pilates Insight: Tips, exercise routines and more related to achieving fitness with help from Pilates.
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