33 iPhone Apps Every Healthcare Professional Needs

Technology is making it easier to get the information you need at your fingertips. This is especially useful when it comes to healthcare professionals. Whether you are a doctor, nurse practitioner, nurse or assistant, it can help to have access to information quickly. Smart phones, like the iPhone, provide you the information you need almost immediately. Even the most highly trained and experienced healthcare professionals can use a little reminder, and access to reference information. Not only that, but devices like the iPhone can even offer nurses and others access to charts and x-rays.

If you are a healthcare professional, you might consider getting an iPhone to help you in your work. Here are 33 iPhone apps that healthcare professionals can use to help them provide better care to their patients:


Everyone needs access to solid reference material on occasions. Quickly find the information you need with helpful reference apps for the iPhone.

  1. Medscape Mobile: The folks at WebMD offer this app designed especially for healthcare professionals. A great reference tool including multimedia references for a number of diseases and conditions.
  2. MedPage Today: You can use this iPhone app to learn how to put the latest medical breakthroughs into more practical use. Also allows you to get CME credits.
  3. Human Body 3D Anatomy: Get a great look at human anatomy for your reference with this app, available for $3.99.
  4. WebMD Mobile: Get quick access to consumer friendly information. No, it may not be as technical as your medical terms, but it is a fast reference source that can help you.
  5. ReachMD CME: If you want to continue to learn, taking Continuing Medical Education credits, you can use this app to listen to the proper programs. Then, when you are ready for the test, you can take it from your iPhone.
  6. Xprompt: This is an invaluable tool if you have patients that do not speak English. This app is meant to help translate so that you can speak with patients more easily. Comes with English, German and Spanish pre-installed for $6.99. You can get more languages a la carte for $2.99 apiece.
  7. Eponyms: Keep up with medical terms named after actual persons (e.g. Crohn’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease), thanks to this app.
  8. Clinical Trials: This valuable and useful reference is great if you are interested in looking for clinical trials. Only $7.99 cents, this is a great way to find trials that might benefit your patients.
  9. ICD-9: For $14.99, you can get this medical coding reference. It offers the billing codes for most procedures, and is extremely helpful for healthcare billers.


Need a little help finding out about symptoms? Could you use a peek at what certain conditions look like? These iPhone apps can help you with a diagnosis.

  1. Diagnosaurus DDx: This app is designed to help healthcare professionals with diagnosis for $0.99. Fast and helpful.
  2. Merck Manual: It costs $49.99, but the Merck Manual of Diagnosis and Therapy can be a great tool to help you diagnose disease and work out a treatment plan.
  3. iTriage: This app was designed to help patients enter their symptoms and identify possible ailments and treatments. However, healthcare professionals can also get a little extra diagnosis help using this app.
  4. iRadiology: Brush up on your ability to read MRI, CT and plain film with help from this app. Great for improving diagnosis.
  5. MSK Radiology Teaching File – Lite: This is another radiology app that can help you find common pathologies. You can also pay $4.99 for a version that can provide you with full cases to help you learn better diagnosis.
  6. ECG Guide: Use the helpful images of different ECG results to help you with your own diagnoses. Available for $0.99.
  7. iMurmur: Diagnosing a heart murmur can be difficult, but this iPhone app can be a useful tool in teaching you how to do it — for $0.99.
  8. ACC Pocket Guidelines: If you want diagnosis help from the American College of Cardiology, this app might be just the thing.
  9. NeuroMind: Access basic anatomy related to the brain, and also see a checklist. You can use this for help with diagnosis, or just as a reminder.
  10. Patient Tracker: You can use this iPhone app to keep track of your patients’ needs. Track diagnosis information, and treatment progress.


Stay up to date on medication interactions, dosages and more with help from these iPhone applications.

  1. Epocrates Rx: This iPhone app was designed specifically for healthcare professionals. This is a drug database that is updated continuously with helpful information on drug interactions and more.
  2. Davis’s Drug Guide: You have to keep up with a paid subscription in order to access this app, but it is a great source of information on various drugs.
  3. Natural Cures: Use this iPhone app if you are a healthcare professional interested in complementary medicine. Includes natural remedy interactions with prescription drugs.
  4. Drug Trials: You can use this iPhone app can help you direct your patients to drug trials that might be of use.
  5. iPharmacy: Use this iPhone app to learn more about prescribed drugs, what they are used for, and interactions.
  6. iRx: Find FDA information on different drugs.
  7. Medicinal Herbs: Another app for those interested in complementary medicine, you can learn more about medicinal herbs.


Use these calculators to help advise your patients, and for a number of other useful purposes.

  1. Skyscape Medical Resources: You can get the latest drug dosing information, as well as get access to the medical calculator Archimedes. An excellent app for make all sorts of calculations.
  2. MedCalc: This medical calculator can help you easily access complex medical formulas, and perform calculations.
  3. Medical Calculator: Use this iPhone app to find the solutions to formulas and equations used in medicine.
  4. ABG: Use this calculator to perform a number of necessary calculations, including analyzing arterial blood gases and even output a recommended FIO2.
  5. Blood Alcohol Concentration Calculator: Help your patients understand inebriation with this app.
  6. The Wheel: A handy calculator that you can use to help your pregnant patients figure out a due date and gestational age.
  7. BMR Calculator: This simple tool can help you advise your patients by offering them information on their basal metabolic rate.
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