25 Free Online Medical Databases to Learn About Any Disease

As a nurse practitioner, it can be helpful to keep studying different diseases and medical conditions. Continuing your education can help you serve patients better. For those who are interested in becoming nursing students, having access to information can be quite helpful. If you are looking for reference to diseases, here are 25 free online medical databases:

Medical Journal Databases

Free online journal databases can help you read the latest research about different diseases, as well as access peer reviewed information from the past.

  1. Online Free Medical Journals: Find out about different diseases and read up on the latest information. You can also look up information by drugs or by disease. An interesting resource that anyone can use.
  2. PubMed: You can search full text articles on any number of diseases. Not all the articles are available for free, though. You can filter your search results so that you only get free journal articles, though. Using the database is, of course, free of charge.
  3. Medical-Journals.com: Find links to medical journals and learn about different diseases. You will also find access to subscriber journals. But this free data base can also help you find free journal articles from around the world.
  4. Free Medical Journals: Offers access to full text articles and abstracts from free sources around the world. An interesting look at diseases past and present, and access to medical knowledge from various places around the globe.
  5. HighWire: Stanford University offers access to free online journals. This includes medical and health journals. Get insights into different diseases, and read about the latest advancements in treatments. Includes medical theories and disease information.
  6. Free Online Journals: Learn more about different diseases when you search this database of free online journals. Get access to peer reviewed information about thousands of conditions, and search for answers.
  7. Medical Matrix: Find resources that can help you with medical topics, including diseases. You can search free resources from around the web with the help of this online medical database.
  8. Scientific Medical Journals: Search different medical journals. Not all will be free, but you can find full text peer reviewed articles, as well as abstracts, when you search here. A free database that can help you find the information you are looking for.

Consumer Information Sites

These sites are written to provide information for consumers. It is easily accessible information, and explanations are basic and written so that a wide variety of people can understand them.

  1. Disease Database: Find information on different diseases, and learn about where you can get even more information. A helpful resource that anyone can use free of charge.
  2. NORD: You can search for rare diseases when you use this database from the National Organization for Rare Disorders. A great place to go if you are looking for information on diseases that are out of the common way, and if you are looking for treatment resources.
  3. CHE Toxicant and Disease Database: If you are interested in the diseases that can be caused by toxins and chemicals in the environment, this database is for you. You an search by disease to find out what might cause it, or look at toxins to see what diseases they might cause.
  4. MedlinePlus: You can get health and medical information on a number of topics. Search diseases to learn about symptoms, treatments and more. Find out about drugs and other items related to your health and to medicine. From the National Library of Medicine.
  5. MedicineNet.com: This consumer site is aimed at bringing doctor’s knowledge to more people. You can search different conditions and diseases and learn about symptoms and treatments.
  6. WebMD: This is a premier site for consumer information on diseases and other health issues. Search by disease, and get the latest health and medical news.
  7. RxList: A list of different drugs on the Internet. You can also search by disease to find out what drugs will help specific diseases.
  8. Mayo Clinic: This great web site offers consumer friendly information about a number of diseases. Includes up to date news and information, and answers you can trust.
  9. Medical Symptoms: A great database that can help you learn more about symptoms of different diseases, and learn more about your own health.
  10. Healthline: You can get access to information about different diseases, explore their development, and consider treatments with help from this consumer friendly database.

Sites Aimed at Health Care Professionals

There are also medical database sites aimed at health care professionals. While some of the information might be a little technical, it is still helpful information, and interesting.

  1. Disease Database: This database from The Doctors Lounge is aimed at providing disease summaries. It’s a helpful resource for health care professionals looking to brush up, or students looking to pass exams.
  2. Medscape: Aimed at physicians and other health care professionals, this site offers a searchable database, as well as specialty sites and full text journal articles.
  3. Medical Resource Reviews Database: This database is aimed at helping health care professionals and others find information about different medical resources. Can lead you to helpful information on different diseases.
  4. Symptoms and Diseases Database: This is a patients record project aimed at medical professionals. It is possible to share symptoms and diseases, and search the database for information that can help in diagnosis. An interesting resource aimed at helping doctors connect with each other.
  5. TDR Targets: This database from the World Health Organization offers information on neglected tropical diseases, as well as the compounds that could help. This site is aimed at medical researchers looking to develop ways to alleviate diseases that may not be addressed as well as they should be.
  6. Medical Mnemonics: If you want helping remember facts about diseases and other health care information, this database can be a great resource.
  7. GIDEON: This database of infectious diseases is updated regularly, and aimed at helping medical professionals in their jobs. It is a paid database if you want the service, but you can sign up for a free trial, and search the database for free for a limited time.
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