Top 5 Nurse Practitioner Specialties

Becoming a nurse practitioner opens many doors. An advanced degree provides higher starting salaries, salary leverage, and the opportunity to specialize in many different areas of nursing. What’s more, nurses, at all levels of experience, are needed to fill increasing job opportunities. As our population ages and lives longer, the nursing shortage becomes more critical. Additionally, many nurses are reaching retirement age. The take away? It’s time to take your career to the next level and become a nurse practitioner.

If you’re already a R.N. with a few years of experience in the field, becoming a nurse practitioner is a great career move. Not only will you become an expert in your field, but you’ll also numerous other benefits such as schedule flexibility, income growth, better benefits, just to name a few. But if you’re not sure what area to specialize in, we’ve provide the top five nurse practitioner specialties to help you get started.

  1. Nurse Educator: If you’re interested in stepping away from the bedside, becoming a nurse educator might be a specialization worth considering. A nurse educator is a registered professional nurse with an advanced degree who teaches and prepares licensed practical nurses (LPN) and registered nurses (RN) for entry into practice positions.
  2. Clinical Nurse Specialist: A clinical nurse specialist is a multifaceted position with the purpose of providing direct care, case management, and counseling services for patients. You’ll need an advanced degree and an interest in leadership, staff development, and clinical research. This role is instrumental in optimizing workflow, improving patient care, and streamlining processes.
  3. Women’s Health Nurse: A women’s health nurse is exactly that. These advanced practice RNs are trained in primary and gynecologic care of women including reproductive-gynecologic health and other relevant areas. They work in a variety of healthcare settings, including hospitals, community centers, private practices, outpatient centers, and many other facilities.
  4. Nurse Anesthetist: If anesthesia interests you, working as a nurse anesthetist might be an option. You’ll assist in the administration of anesthesia as well as care for patients during the recovery phase of treatment. It’s a demanding job, one that requires extra training and certification, but the rewards are plentiful.
  5. Neonatal Nurse Practitioner: A neonatal nurse practitioner is a very professional. These advanced practice nurses specialize in the care of infants and newborns. They monitor premature and sick babies as well as assist families in learning more about their newborn.
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Top 30 Sites to Learn About Oncology Careers

There are a number of nursing career paths that you can choose. Many nurse practitioners and other nurses decide to choose a specialty, acquiring skills that can aid them in particular areas of medicine. Some nurses become quite skilled in specific areas, providing a high level of treatment to their patients. One of the areas of specialty that a nurse can excel in is oncology.

As a nurse, or a nurse practitioner, you can choose to specialize in cancer treatment. Oncology careers require very special skills, since you will need to be able to help the families of patients — as well as the patients themselves. If you have a great deal of compassion, and if you are interested in learning specific techniques associated with treating cancer, you might want to consider a career in oncology. Here are 30 great sites that can help you learn more about oncology career paths:

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20 YouTube Videos to Help You Survive Nursing School

Nursing school is a grind. It’s a big job and many people are adult students when they go to school to be a nurse, which adds to the stress. Instead of feeling overwhelmed look to online resources that can help you out when the going gets tough. These YouTube videos go over the essentials of nursing school, including how to prep for tests, make it through clinicals and cultivate a nurse-patient relationship that reminds you why you got in to nursing in the first place.

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Top 50 Blogs Every Personal Trainer Should Read

Personal trainers (PTs) take on a lot of responsibility for their patients or clients, as they offer advice on how to get fit and healthy without injury or without exacerbating current injuries. The following top 50 blogs every personal trainer should read include blogs for PTs or other health professionals, commercial blogs with tools and tips, business and marketing strategies and sports medicine blogs. All blogs are up-to-date and offer sage advice from professionals in the field.

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30 Must-Read Web Resources for Nurse Practitioners

A Nurse Practitioner, or NP, is an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse who has completed a graduate-level education that usually involves earning a master’s degree, and in some cases a PhD. All nurse practitioners must take and complete the same exam as registered nurses and are often asked to take an another exam later specifically for NP certification in their state. There are also many specialties offered as a nurse practitioner such as family medicine, pediatrics, women’s health, and others.

With loads of educational requirements and a dedication and responsibility to patients, it can all be overwhelming for existing and studying nurse practitioners. However, there are literally over 100,000 other nurse practitioners out there, many of which share their wisdom over the web. To keep time spent researching them all down, we have collected the below 30 must read web resources for nurse practitioners. They are essential for students, practicing nurses, and even patients who want to know more about the people caring for them.

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40 Best Sites for Fitness Tips

One of the essential roles of a nurse practitioner is to share information with patients about better health habits. You want your patients to thrive and enjoy good health. As you take care of injuries and treat disease, you can also serve an important educational role that can help others.

You can use the Internet as a great resource for learning more about getting healthy, including learning more about fitness. You can also direct your patients to good web resources. As you do your best to fulfill your duties as a NP, you can get help from these 40 great sites for fitness tips:

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25 Free Online Medical Databases to Learn About Any Disease

As a nurse practitioner, it can be helpful to keep studying different diseases and medical conditions. Continuing your education can help you serve patients better. For those who are interested in becoming nursing students, having access to information can be quite helpful. If you are looking for reference to diseases, here are 25 free online medical databases:

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The Ultimate Guide to Beta Blockers

Doctors and nurse practitioners prescribe beta blockers, also known as beta-adrenergic blocking agents, to tens of millions of American patients. Some patients have little knowledge about what these medications are meant to accomplish. This ultimate guide to beta blockers describes this life-saving medicine with more than 25 years of widespread and generally safe use. This guide also cautions readers about side effects and controversies concerning beta blockers.

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Top 50 Health and Wellness Blogs Worth Reading

If the statement that doctors are the third leading cause of death is true, then preventative medicine may be the solution to staying healthy. Health and wellness blogs are a rich resource for information on how to stay out of the clutches of doctors and hospitals — and also on how to negotiate them when you find it necessary to use them. If you are considering a career as a nurse practitioner, you will be interested in a wide range of health information. The list that follows is alphabetical within five categories of health and wellness topics. Continue reading

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Notable NPs: The Nurse Practitioner Hall of Fame

The nurse practitioner is a new breed of medical expert, one that is making a difference for those patients who need medical care. The first NP class was developed in 1965, and the first master’s degree program for NPs was started in 1980. Since then, many individuals have stood out as shining examples of nursing advocacy and patient advocacy and treatment. In this list of notable NPs, you may discover some familiar names as well as some new names — all have made inroads in developing the NP profession as a trustworthy and competent career.

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